Yarn lover’s delight

My LYS is having a sale starting today.  Check it out here.  I stopped in the store yesterday thinking the sale started then but I was wrong.  I did look around and picked out something yummy (Cascade Ultra Pima) to make a shell (Eileen) featured in No Sheep for You by Amy Singer.  This shell is knit with worsted weight linen (I’m using cotton) on size 0 2 and 1 needles!  That’s right size 0 2 and 1.  I don’t have size 0 but I will pick some up when I buy the yarn.  <edit I didn’t need the size 0 but bought some anyway thinking that’s what I needed.  Will return.>  The Bacardi cardigan from the same book is also on my list but I have a hard time spending that much money for yarn…even on myself!  The sales girl said she would kindly (though reluctantly) hold the Cascade yarn for me today so I want to take an early lunch and pick it up.   I will post pictures of my purchases.

In other news…I wimped out and drove my car to work.  I have a 19 mile drive to work instead of the motorcycle.  Since I have to run into town to pick up the above mentioned yarn, I didn’t want to put the extra miles on my car or use more gas.  Car = 25 mpg.  Motorcycle = 52 mpg.  The thermometer was what made me decide on four-wheels.  48 freaking degrees is just below my threshold for riding.  Plus traffic will be horrible when I go home.  Granted it’s not LA traffic but when you are not used to a lot of crazy people from DC and Baltimore rushing to get to the lake, or locals rushing to the shore, it can be pretty scary.  At least it can be for me.  I am so small town.

Be safe and have fun this weekend.  Happy (Early) Birthday America!

Your thoughts? I read them all.

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