I dyed

Helen Stewart released the third pattern in the fourth season on the Handmade Sock Society early and that’s OK with me. This is called Wild Bees Socks. The stitch pattern looks like bees and she chose a honey color of yarn.

I’m trying to use stash yarn for as many projects as I can but I didn’t have any color that would work. So I decided to dye a hank of Knit Picks Stroll Bare yarn in a Crockpot/slow cooker using food coloring and Easter egg dye. I’ve tried the microwave method before with great success, however, Mr. Aitch doesn’t like the smell of hot wool and vinegar thus the Crockpot technique. On the deck. Because it was a warm, sunny day.

I didn’t take any pictures of the dyeing process but I added water and vinegar with the yarn and turned it on high. My Crockpot is a small one (3 1/5 quarts) so I only had room for one skein. I added the dye (in three, four, or maybe five batches) while the water was hot. The yarn grabbed the dye as soon as it hit the water.

I got some great golden-yellow tonal yarn. Exactly what I wanted.

You can see the various tints, shades, and hues ranging from pale yellow to golden yellow to pale apricot and a bit of brownish yellow.

I couldn’t wait for the yarn to dry to cast-on this sock pattern.

Here are two repeats of the pattern already. Blocking will be key to this pattern to even out the yarn-overs so the “bees” stand out more.

I love how the plain back shows off all the tones of the yarn.

I think I have 15-20 more skeins of yarn I could dye. So many options. Plus Easter egg dyes should be on sale after Sunday! That’s a great time to snag some great deals on non-toxic dyes.

Have you dyed before?


Reactions: Installment 2

Mr. Aitch wears white socks.  Every.  Day.  He used to get holes in the toe so I started buying him Gold Toe® socks*.  No more holes in the toe.  Yay!  Now he gets holes on the bottom of the heel.  I need “Gold Toe and Heel” socks for him.  It seems that no matter how often I wash whites, he always runs out of white socks.  So I bought him another package of six pair last week.


Now the rest of the story:

This past Saturday I planted all the flowers and herbs I bought the week before.  I had to wait for a day when Mr. Aitch was available to move the bags of soil for me.

No sooner than I got started, I felt something on my arm.  Without looking I just brushed it away.  I have no idea what is was but my arm started itching immediately.  I ignored it until I was finished.


Please ignore my faded and stained planters.  I scrubbed them first.  Really, I did!

I got myself cleaned up and noticed the raised welt on my arm.  A drop or two of hand sanitizer usually calmed the itch for hours.  This time it worked for about two minutes.  I figured it was a spider bite since this has happened to me before.  In the past the site of the bite would swell up to the size of a small grapefruit.

Mr. Aitch suggested I take some Benadryl.  Benadryl and I don’t get along very well.  It makes me drowsy enough to be nonfunctional then causes nightmares when I do sleep.

When I went to the market Sunday morning after church, I asked the pharmacist what I could use to stop the itch.  Hydrocortisone cream.  I felt relief instantly.

I applied more to the bite area (including the gelatinous glob forming under the skin) before I went to bed but needed to cover it so the cream would stay on my arm and not get all over the sheets.  So I cut the top off of an old pair of holey white socks Mr. Aitch threw away as a way to cover the bite.


You’re going to have to trust me on this.  I cropped out the discolored holey part.  You can thank me later.

I asked Mr. Aitch to help me get the sock top over the medicated mess.


I told him I cut the top off of one of the new pairs of white socks I just bought him.


The look on his face was priceless.  I thought he was going into shock.

Just kidding, Honey!  It was an old sock.

Rarely do I pull one over on Mr. Aitch but I did this time.

*Note:  The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.  I received no, nada, zero, zilch compensation from the fine makers of GoldToe® socks.  I just wish that I did.