A 33-cent Pillow

Last weekend I found some upholstery samples I had from my Mom.  One was a beautiful crewel floral pattern that  I intended to make into a pillow but forgot about it for a few years.  That is until I found it again.

It was simple construction.


The entire piece of fabric was used for the front.  Cost = Free


The “wrong” side of another sample was the backing.  The “right” side was blue.  I’m a green person.  Cost = Free


A zipper was inserted in one of the short sides.  (I purchase zippers in bulk.)  Cost = 33-cents 


I also used a piece of a flat sheet left over from another project for the pillow liner holding the stuffing.  (You can see some of the blue “right” side in the photo below.)   Cost = Free


The stuffing was a freshly laundered old mattress pad folded and rolled to fit inside the liner.  Cost = Free


My 33-cent pillow.