Interesting few days…

I was a bit MIA for a few days but I’m home now.  For the past few days I have been in Morgantown, WV; Springs, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; and the hospital. 

Mr. Aitch wanted to go out to dinner last Friday.  Outback Steakhouse.  The closest one is in Morgantown, WV.  Only 68 miles away.  We took the Harley and it was a nice ride and dinner.  Not crowded at all when we got there but there were people waiting to get in when we left.  Good timing! 

Broken Stork Scissors


Saturday morning I went to Springs on my Suzuki to see the Scissors Guy about fixing my stork scissors.  The original pivot had been riveted and screwed and he said he couldn’t repair them.  I appreciated his honesty.    

Saturday afternoon I seamed one shoulder on the Lace Hem Topping.  I don’t like how it’s turning out.  lengthening the body by an inch and shortening the armhole by an inch helped with the fit.  I really want to get this finished.  For some reason this isn’t going as smoothly as I anticipated.  I am short row seaming challenged.  

The stitches are twisted so I took a break and made these

Lampwork stitch holders


Knit Picks Ms Ida Chain Link Mittens


Sunday we made a quick trip to Pittsburgh.    I took some yarn and a new mitten pattern to work on while Mr. Aitch drove.  (I even bought the recommended colors.)  In my haste to pack something  small to knit, I forgot one set of needles and didn’t get the project started.  As soon as we got home, I found the size needles I needed and put them in my knitting bag. 

Monday became the most interesting day and I’ll explain in a later post.