Happy belated New Year!

2020 is here and I hope it brings you much happiness, joy, and good health!

I have a new sewing project: a quilt for our soon-to-be seven-year-old grandson.

When I was visiting him in November, I noticed that the quilt he was using was starting to fall apart.  He loves airplanes and his favorite color is green.  This fabric was perfect for the backing!  I purchased backing fabric and blue fat quarters several years ago and there they sat. 

Going through my fabric stash, I found several greens that would play well together with the blues.  Solid white will round out the color scheme.

The quilt front will be blues, greens, and white.  The backing fabric will tie it all together.

Les Monsieurs by Tamara Kate for Michael Miller Fabrics #DC6095

Knitting projects are still hanging in there.  More about them soon.

What are you working on?


9 thoughts on “Happy belated New Year!

  1. Look at you, with the perfect fabric in stash! He will love it! I am working on a few knitting things – shawl, sweater, hat, mitts. Sewing, I have a skirt cut out of a nice wool/linen blend that needs sewing, and a scarf on the loom.

    Enough to keep busy!

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