Happy 90th Birthday!

My aunt had a milestone birthday last month and I sent her a goodie box filled with fruits, muffins, breads, and a special handmade gift.

Her iPad has a factory Smart Cover to protect it but when she takes it out of the house she doesn’t have any way to carry it except in a way-too-large tote bag.

And since I am on this sewing and quilting kick, I sewed and quilted one for her.

002-FrontIn red and purple.

006-Open-frontTwo of her favorite colors.

007-Open-backWith a bit of pink since that was what I had in my stash.

012-close-up-2The darker red is actually part of a skirt I had that I ripped apart.

014-stitch-in-the-ditch-2The closure is actually two buttons sewn on together.

003-ButtonThe strap is padded with a couple of layers of quilt batting as most tablets have a bit of weight to them and I wanted it comfortable enough to carry over a wrist or in the hand.

010-side-2It’s just machine quilted in a grid.



008-closed-backLined with red cotton and light blue flannel (because that’s what I had).

016-inside-1I schootched the lining out a bit before I top stitched around the edge so it almost looks like piping.


To be totally truthful…this is the second one I made for her.  The first one fit my iPad but not hers as her Smart Cover adds an inch or so to the overall size.  My sister took the smaller one for her tablet so it all worked out.

10 thoughts on “Happy 90th Birthday!

  1. I love this! When I started to learn to sew, one of the first things I tried to make was a sleeve for a ipad. It came out pretty good for a first-timer but I didn’t put any type of closure on it (I wasn’t ready for that at the time) and this is definitely making me want to make another one now!


  2. This came out gorgeous. the colors are so bright and cheery and I love how much padding you put on it. did you make it up yourself or did you follow a pattern? if its a pattern where did you find it?


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  4. Thanks again for your email the other day. Decided to do my Ipad sleeve with a zipper since I still hadn’t done any zipper projects yet. May have to do another one with the button now!


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