Weekend fun

Mr. Aitch and I went to visit some of our relatives this weekend.  We stayed with his brother and sister-in-law and partied with them Friday evening.

Left to right: Me, B-I-L, S-I-L, and Mr. Aitch.


We started off with some fantastic potato skins that had cheese and bacon under Ranch dressing.  They were so good!  I didn’t get pictures of the stuffed portabella mushrooms and Nachos because, well, we were in the Cock-Eyed Bar (in B-I-L’s basement) and enjoying the adult beverages.  In other words, I forgot.


Saturday I met up with two of my cousins, two aunts, and my sister.  We attended a luncheon honoring Grove City College Scholarship donors and recipients.

Clockwise from the bottom:  My” iPad cover” Aunt (seated), Holly from Denver, Joan from Houston, my sister, Aunt from Denver, and me.


The scholarship recipient was a wonderful young man who has a good head on his shoulders and seems very grounded.


The last time I saw my Houston cousin was when our daughter got married in 2007. I went on a business trip in 2008 and saw my Denver aunt and cousin.  Our families want to close that gap and visit more often!

How do you handle long-distance family reunions?

3 thoughts on “Weekend fun

  1. Look how long your hair is!

    Our long distance family tries to get together as often as possible. The kids and it up with my sister, BIL, two nieces, and my mom when they all came to SC for vacation.


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