As I sit here on my ever-expanding backside, I am embarrassed that I have not posted much of anything recently.  After the dinner dishes are washed, I usually sit in my favorite chair with my iPad and check my email and play various solitaire games or Sudoku.

The biggest time suck for me is Pinterest.I love it and can’t seem to close the app and do something constructive such as:

  • make the gifts for a bridal shower on April 6
  • make a cheesecake for Easter
  • get our tax information ready for the tax preparer
  • knit booties for my grandson
  • knit another sweater for my granddaughter
  • felt the CCM hat I made months ago (and never blogged about)
  • declutter and clean (that’s an ongoing issue for me)
  • and burn some calories

It’s Good Friday and I have the day off.  I’m going to go and DO something.

Oh, one more thing:  Happy Birthday to my son and son-in-law.  How nice that they have the same birthday.

Your thoughts? I read them all.

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