I’m full…

…of cupcakes.  Well, to be more precise I’m full of cupcake hats.

Using leftover yarn from other projects, I finished these last week but only got them photographed yesterday.

The hat with the light buttercream icing is for a 5-year old.  The one with the rich, chocolate icing is for her 16-year old sister.  I’m not sure if the 16-year old really wanted the hat or if the mother wanted her to have the hat.

Cupcake hat pattern: Chili Con Yarne

Cherry pattern: Cherries are the Bomb

I cast on 8 more stitches for the larger hat, knit the ribbing another inch and started the decreases when the hat was 9-inches from the cast on edge.

I used a different method for the bobbles than the original pattern calls for and I don’t remember where I got the instructions.  The bobbles are 5-stitch bobbles, which means that each bobble has 25 stitches in it resulting in one row with 560 stitches.

I’m not a fan of bobbles.

The buttercream icing hat has a total of 4,363 stitches including the cherry.  The chocolate hat has 6,112 stitches including the cherry.

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