Tablet cover take 2

Remember when I made the first tablet cover for Mr. Aitch’s e-tablet?  It was too wide and too short.

I finally finished it this afternoon.  It seemed like this took F.O.R.E.V.E.R. since I already made one.  It took awhile to get motivated to start it all over again.

The pre-felting size was 11 inches wide by 23 inches tall.  I had already sewn one side when I remembered to take that picture so just imagine that it’s really 23 inches tall.  The all important pocket was 11 inches by 10 1/2 inches once it was all sewn together.  I added a solid blue edge and checkerboard row to the top of the pocket area as well as knitted it longer.  The back is solid navy blue and I didn’t take a picture of it since it was boring.

I soaked it for about an hour in a vinegar and water solution before felting so set the blue dye so it wouldn’t run into the gold.  I didn’t add enough vinegar this time since it did run a little.

Post-felting measurements were 10 inches wide  by 8 inches high for the pocket.  That was the most important measurement.

The lining was hand sewn using some microfiber suede cloth I got on sale at Joann Fabrics. 

Perfect fit.

Blood, sweat and tears went into this.  Blood: when I stuck my finger with the needle while sewing the lining.  Tears: when the first cover didn’t fit.  Sweat: while felting this and wondering if it would fit.

Mr. Aitch is happy.

7 thoughts on “Tablet cover take 2

  1. Great pictures and the tablet cover looks great. I hope Mr. Aitch doesn’t show it around to too many people as you may have some orders for one,


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