A BIG thank you to all the veterans for making it possible for us to pursue our lifestyle.  Without your dedication and service to our great country our lives would be very different.

Knitting:  I decided to knit fingerless mitts for office gifts this year to match the hats I gave last year.

Office hats

I still have yarn leftover so it won’t be a problem of matching dye lots.  These will be very basic using 2-3 colors in some simple striping.  It’s only four pair and I don’t have to buy more yarn.  I needed size 6 double point needles for this pattern and looked high and low for them.  I knew I had two sets but could not find them.

So I used my 40% off coupon at Joann’s yesterday and bought 2 sets of 4 needles.  Guess what I found when I was searching for the leftover yarn for the mitts?  They were in the bag with the Fetching mitts I made, ripped apart and restarted last winter.  They’re almost finished.

Oh, well.  It would cost more in gas to drive back and return them.  Besides, can one really have too many sets of size 6 double point needles?  Don’t answer that.

I really wanted to show you my progress on the Garter Stitch bag I started when I went to Vegas as well as the Linen Stitch Scarf.  No pictures of those today.  Plus there are some finished projects to show but that will have to wait until I can get the camera, knitting and daylight all together at the same time.

Cleaning: I was off for Veteran’s Day and I started cleaning the house as soon as I got up this morning.  Our son and family are coming for the weekend and the house needed some tidying up.  And the big aquarium needed a partial water change.  Mr. Aitch does everything else with the 5 aquariums we have but he needs my assistance to do the big tank.  That took about an hour.  Lunch, a quick trip to the market, more cleaning, dinner, and I finally got to sit down to knit around 8:30 this evening.  Too dark to photograph knitting.

Future dinner:  While I was fixing dinner tonight, I spied these two turkeys running around our back yard.

Each stood about 36 inches tall.  They were “talking” to each other then something spooked them and they flew away.  Maybe one of them will end up on my table for Thanksgiving …

4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

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  3. Hoho…that’s a great story. Poor fish though. I wonder about the “dirty” in the diaper. Uric acid or E choli? Probably neither would be good. Love the little knitted things. Have you ever heard of “adult adoption?” Sign me up. Patsye


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