Off balance

My tag line says “Finding the right balance between life and clutter.”  I’m off balance.

We observed Columbus Day yesterday so I was home.  (Thanks, Chris.)  I so desperately wanted to post at least one tutorial, clean off the kitchen island, organize my current knitting corner.  I failed at all attempts.  I did wash my car and motorcycle.

My Garter Stitch bag is complete except for the straps (I-cord takes me a long time to do) and the lining.  I’m still debating on the fabric.  I tried to make a tutorial on lining this bag and spent far too much time failing redeveloping my idea.  I’m about halfway done on the first one.

I also worked on the travel case for electronic chargers tutorial that I promised months ago.  The text is written but inserting the photos is challenging.  Plus I still need someone to test it for me. 

Nothing was working out.

I’m off balance.

It’s that time of year when I start to feel overwhelmed with clutter.  I try to declutter but it never seems like I’m doing enough.  I’m constantly being pulled between what I want to do and what I should do.

I want to:

  • knit
  • sew
  • paint
  • make Christmas ornaments
  • redecorate
  • repaint the family room, kitchen, guest room #2, three bathrooms, the master bedroom
  • buy and install a closet organizer
  • get crown molding in the living and dining rooms
  • hire someone to make my craft room
  • display my mother’s dishes that are still in boxes from 2007

I need to do:

  • vacuum
  • laundry – it’s the putting away that drags me down
  • dust
  • iron Mr. Aitch’s shirts
  • cook
  • wash dishes – somethings just have to be washed by hand
  • find the right piece of furniture to display my mother’s dishes
  • organize my craft stuff: yarns, wood, paints, fabric, threads, paper, glue, beads

I don’t want to do but have to do:

  • file papers – seriously I have 4 file boxes of papers that need filed
  • clean out the closets – will I ever get back into those size X suits?  Will they still be in style?
  • clean out the pantry
  • clean out the basement – full of stuff I “might” need
  • Get. Rid. Of. Stuff. Tied. To. Emotions.

That list is what gets me overwhelmed.  I was reading Laurie Perry’s (Crazy Aunt Purl) post from last week and can really relate to her decluttering mind-set. Defcon 1, 2, 3.

I am a crafter and I keep things that I can use.  Is it ok to keep these things as long as I organize them?  A place for everything and everything in its place?

Can I tackle/declutter one drawer, shelf, flat surface, box, or pile and do it for 15 minutes a day?  Can I commit to this every day?

4 thoughts on “Off balance

  1. I’m tired juat reading what you have or want to do. Pick one and finish that one. Lots of luck, You have enough things to keep you buay until you reach 203 years.


  2. One thing about decluttering and cleaning… seems that I start one thing and next thing you know I have 4 things torn up and nothing straightened up. I need containers for the throw/donate/keep and then the keep is divided into what craft….sewing, jewelry, knitting, painting. It is just TOO much! I don’t think I am much of a saver but if I step back….I have alot of stuff…..saved!


  3. Looking forward to seeing the fabric you chose for the purse – which by the way, I say again, is BEAUTIFUL! Sounds like your plate is full. I’m just the opposite. Spring is when I “spring” into action. Fall is when I fall on my arse. Patti, being organized is overrated. If you can find it when you need it, you’re organized. Who cares what things look like. Besides, I’m sure your home is beautiful… all the stuff you make. Patsye


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