Almost finished…

The dresses are almost finished.  I have had some hand sewing and the buttonholes and buttons left to do.  Or maybe I’ll do some other type of closure.

Side 1

Still side 1

Side 2

I really like them.  And I brought them to work to show one of my co-workers.

Then something bad happened.

Really bad.

Have you ever had something so disastrous and incredible happen that you can’t believe it is true?  No one died but something got very damaged.  Shredded to be exact.

This thing is the size of a washing machine!

Zoom in to see the name.

This sucker is heavy-duty.  It’s not called “DestroyIt” for nothing.

And I was standing next to it when I was showing the dresses to my coworker.  Why was this beast turned on in the first place?  I don’t know.


More shocking

It’s just the back.  “Just the back” she says.

I can repair it.

I think.

Right now I just want to throw up, cry, and go home.

10 thoughts on “Almost finished…

  1. What the “H” happened? Somehow the dresses got to close to the big eater…and it gobbled them up. How did you even manage to get them out?????? You could have lost an arm trying! I am so sorry!!!! You probably did a really good job on them and took special care and pressed every seam as you sewed. This is a nightmare you can not wake up from! Will you have to redo the entire back????? Will you have to get more material??????? BTW…any wine left in that bottle????


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