WIP Wednesday

I started on another Leafy Washcloth Monday evening while listening to the concert in the park.  I got half of it done.

Yes.  It’s purple.  I grabbed my knitting bag without making sure I had the right color yarn.  Whatever.

Last night I decided I needed to make summer dresses for the twins.  I’m using a pattern from when my daughter (the twin’s mother) was little.  The dresses are reversible so I had to cut out four fronts and four backs.  By the time I got the pieces cut out, the light wasn’t good enough to get any pictures.  I should get them sewn up tonight.

I will be seeing them on Monday and hope to take the finished dresses with me.

3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I can’t believe that you can accomplish so much with your knitting and sewing.

    I hope you will send me pictues of the dresses when they are finished.

    Busy hands keep you out of mischief.


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