I don’t think I ever showed you the finished Herringbone Neck Warmer.  I wore it to work yesterday morning under my motorcycle jacket.  It was 56 degrees and at 65 mph one’s neck can get chilled.

With jacket

Without jacket

I really need some color on my lips!  And pardon the “helmet hair”.

It is soft and warm and the perfect size to do the job.  My only complaint is the color.  I love the color but wanted something brighter.  On the shelf  the green looked like it would be the pop I needed but it just got lost with the blue and purple.

Pattern:  Herringbone Neck Warmer by Craig Rosenfeld

Yarn: Araucania Panguipulli color #10 Olive and Purple

The herringbone stitch pattern is very warm and dense.  Yes, I’d make it again in a brighter color.

3 thoughts on “Neckwarmer

  1. I was just laying awake last night wondering about this very thing! 😉 Teasing you! It does look nice and I think it would make a great scarf for the winter.


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