Secret painting project

For the past few weeks I have been working on a secret painting project.  It is now finished.

Ever heard of this game?  They have an official site with rules and everything!  Our daughter told us about the game and we thought it would be a great way to get everyone to play together from the two-year-olds on up.  It’s great for family reunions, tailgating, outdoor parties, or any time!

I bought the raw 2-foot by 4-foot plywood game boards already assembled sight unseen and decided to finish them myself.  The plywood was the worst I’ve seen and I think I overpaid (an understatement) for them.  They are solid construction-wise but the quality of the top was pretty poor.

I used an 8-oz. container of wood putty to get them semi-even then sanded them as smooth as I could before the painting on the primer.

Next was a base coat (or three) of white paint.

Then I taped around the edges and painted one blue and one yellow.

The final design with five coasts of polyacrylic.  No, those are not decals.  I painted the flying WV myself with the aid of painter’s tape and an Exacto knife.  Fortunately you can’t see the up-close and personal details.  They look great from a distance…there are “inconsistencies” when you get real close.

Now we just need a party!

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