Weekend update and WIP Wednesday

Last weekend was busy.  Friends were in from Kentucky for a wedding.  It was so nice to see them.  We all had a great time.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of us.

On Sunday Mr. Aitch played in a concert during our local Heritage Days Festival.  It was touch and go at first whether or not they would play as it started to rain about 15 minutes before the outside performance.  But the rain was over as quickly as it came and “the band played on”.

This lady was dressed in a beautiful red and black flowered hoop-skirted dress.  She carried a chip basket with her parasol and digital camera.  The parasol was not hand-made lace but was still very pretty.

No knitting to share other than a swiffer cover (and no one wants to see that!) and a secret  project (you’ll just have to wait) but a lot of other things are still in progress.  I spent my day off on Monday working on the mystery painting project (I will share that when I’m finished), running errands, and getting the oil changed in my car. 

I’m leaving for parts north after work to help with another WIP.   It’s my daughter’s house.

A few months ago the plaster ceiling in their living room started to detach itself from the joists. 

They were afraid the ceiling would fall while they were at work so they propped it up with an IKEA lamp.

They started removing the sagging parts and the more they took down, the more other parts began to sag.  They got a few estimates for the repair and it was an all-or-nothing kind of repair.  They decided they could save a lot of money by doing the demo themselves.

The ceiling is now replaced and I’m going to their house after work tonight to help paint tomorrow and Friday.  Mr. Aitch was going to help as well but he has other obligations.

I’ll need something simple to knit so I’m taking some cotton yarn for more swiffer covers.   There’s a bath mitt pattern on one of the ball bands that just might make bath time easier with the twins.  Or maybe they’d like a leafy washcloth…

1 thought on “Weekend update and WIP Wednesday

  1. Thanks for the update. I guess you’re taking Mondays off instead of Friday. Your daughter sent me a thank you note of her and her husband’s birthdayift. She said that the living room is a mess and I looked it up on her facebook page.


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