My first washcloth

I made my very first washcloth yesterday and started the next one last night.  I’ve been knitting for a long, long time and never made a washcloth before.

The first one is drying and I didn’t get a picture of it.

I thought these would be a nice hostess gift or a “thinking of you” gift along with a bar of handmade soap.  I don’t make soap but I do know a few people who do.

The pattern is from Megan Goodacre and can be found here.  There are actually two leaf patterns to choose from.  The first pattern is all knit with some increases and decreases.  The second one is knit and purl as well as the increases and decreases.  This would be a great pattern for those interested in trying those skills.  Or for anyone who wants a quick project that uses a small amount of cotton yarn.

I’m using Lily Sugar and Cream since I bought more than I’ll ever use several balls of it to make the swiffer covers.  This is a quick knit (took me less than 1 1/2 hours) and something a little different from a plain old square.

5 thoughts on “My first washcloth

  1. I love those washcloths! I had several more basic square ones made that I had in a box to give away as gifts. Then I thought – hey. I should use these. And now I am. They are in a variety of colors, and I love them.

    I’ve printed out the leaf pattern. Thanks for sharing it!


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