I’m sensitive

I’ve been sensitive my whole life but things are changing.

Emotionally I can brush off a lot more than I could a few years ago.

Physically I’m getting worse.

I’m sensitive to cocoa butter…applied topically as well as ingested.  I love chocolate and know how much I can eat before it bothers me.  I don’t knowingly apply cocoa butter to my skin at all.

I’m sensitive to dish detergent so I have to wear rubber gloves.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  I will wash dishes without them if I’m at someone else’s house.

A few years ago I discovered I’m sensitive to sodium lauryl sulfate in toothpaste so I have to be careful what kind I use.

Now it’s the adhesive on bandages.  Last summer I had some of those sticky heart monitor patches on my torso and one started melting into my skin.  Literally ate my skin.  It took months to heal.  Last week I has a blood test and the lab assistant put a Band Aid over the site.  When I took it off, my skin was red and blistered.

Tuesday afternoon I had a visit to the doctor that required a couple of Band Aids and sure enough when they were removed, my skin was red, blistered and burning.  But I had to replace the bandage to protect my clothing.  I found some gauze and paper tape to use and am hoping I don’t have any more red, blistered, burning skin.

Mr. Aitch called a repair man about our heat pump/air conditioner.  He was out so maybe he’ll call today to schedule a service visit.  Mother Nature cooled things off last night and we were comfortable with the lower humidity, lower temperatures, and a refreshing breeze.  Should be a much more pleasant day today.

5 thoughts on “I’m sensitive

  1. I am sensitive (allergic, if you will) to adhesive bandages as well. Always have to ask for paper tape when having blood work done and they’re usually prepared to oblige.


  2. Yikes! So sorry about all the allergies.

    I’m totally enjoying the balmy, breezy weather here in Connecticut. It’s a nice change from the heat and humidity.


  3. I have paper tape and gause on my many scrapes on my legs and knees. I don’t know how I got them. On my left leg, I scratched it and I had blood all over the pant leg. I had to soak my P.J. (one leg only) and then get a clean pair. I bandaged the scrapes and had to remind me not to scratch again..


  4. I’d never heard of an allergy to adhesive, and that does not sound fun. I read somewhere that our immune systems keep getting bigger as we get older and we grow more sensitive to certain allergens. I hope that you don’t develop anymore allergies. You have your fair share I would say!


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