I finished knitting the body of Vine Vest on Sunday.

I’m stuck with the finishing or to be more accurate, the seaming. 

The instructions say to pick up stitches along the front and neck and knit for four inches, then do the ribbing along the armholes.  I don’t know if I’ll have enough yarn so my original plan was to sew the side seams and do the ribbing around the armholes first.

I found another mistake.  And I’m not going to fix it.

I think I will block this while it’s still flat before I do the seaming and the rest of the ribbing.

I’ve convinced myself that the seaming will go much better once it’s been blocked and the edges lie flat.  Truth or procrastination?

1 thought on “Procrastination?

  1. You and your maybe running short of yarn. Yes, block first and your seaming may not be so bad. Remember the Amish always have a mistake in whatever they make – sometime intentional and sometimes not intentional.


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