The Vine Vest is being blocked.  Just waiting for it to be completely dry before I sew the side seams ans do the ribbing around the armholes and fronts.

So in the meantime I started working on Fetching.  This was a quick knit.  I started them on Monday and finished the left hand last night and started on the right hand. 


I’m using Knit Picks Andean Silk in cream and though the pattern calls for 98 yards with little or none left over, the ball I have is only 96 yarns.  Then I remembered that I had some of this same yarn left over from the Ms Ida Chain Link Mittens so I should have enough.

I did the picot bind off and I don’t like how the mitt flares at the finger end so when I finish the right mitt, I will undo the edge on the left one and just bind off normally.  I could have saved myself the extra work if I had just read the comments for these on Ravelry.  It’s not that big of a deal, only 45 stitches.

If I have enough yarn, I might do one more cable section.  If.

2 thoughts on “Blocking

  1. I love the new look of your page!

    I had the same issue with Fetching. I bound off normally I think and still got a kind of curled up edge. I think I’d been trying to avoid the picot. I love the way picot looks, but I don’t particularly like doing it!


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