Knitted nests

I suspect the birds are knitting a nest in the rain spout above my window at work.  I see them  flying in there with long pieces of straw and grass.  They must be rebuilding as we had torrential downpours over the weekend and a pile of nest making materials was on the ground below the rain spout when I came in yesterday morning.

Nest above my window

YOu can see in teh above picture that it’s raining here again today.  I wonder if their work will be washed away again.

A couple of weeks ago I scattered small bits of yarn (less than an inch long) in the wooded area behind our house for the birds to use in their nests.  I noticed most of it was gone when I walked around our yard last evening.

2 thoughts on “Knitted nests

  1. That is a wonderful idea. I love the idea of them “knitting” their nests! I saw a robin working on her nest today too. I am going to remember that about putting out the yarn scraps!


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