I know Murphy

“If something can go wrong, it will.”  Murphy’s Law

After my bout with pneumonia in January, my doctor advised me to get the pneumonia vaccine.  So I did.  On Monday.

This isn't me. I never look at the needle.

I don’t usually have bad reactions to shots but this one hurts.  My under arm is very tender.  It feels like I have on a shirt three sizes too small and it’s cutting into my armpit.

I propped my arm up and knit a few rows last night.

My throat is sore, too.

I woke up at 4:17 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep.  This is going to be a long day…

I hope it soon gets better.

4 thoughts on “I know Murphy

  1. Sorry to hear about your bad luck with the pneumonia needle. I’m surprised you could do much knitting with the side of your body hurting. Hope your arm feels better soon.


  2. You did a smart thing getting this vaccine. I tried to get it but it’s not free with my insurance policy until I’m 65 or I present with an “indication” like previous pneumonia. But I may get it before next winter along with my flu shot and just pay the money. It’s that important. Everyone should get it. Everyone!

    Your symptoms are not out of the norm unless than last more than a couple of days. Keep an eye on your temperature and if it goes to 101, call the doctor and demand to be seen. Symptoms should get better each day, not worse.

    Having said that, it’s worth it to be immunized with this cocktail (about 25 different bugs) that can really lay you flat, as you already know from January. Sorry about that. And I’m sure you didn’t feel like knitting.

    Group was last night and I got past the heel and connected one side. My heel will be orange, and I’m back to the variegated yarn. My mentor is so good at this. She has better eyesight than me and can find those tiny stitches in a dark Panera Bread restaurant leaning over a big bowl of salad. How does she do that? Can you do that?

    Hope you feel better and drink lots of fluids and use cool compresses on the injection site. Your doctor might recommend Tylenol or another analgesic for pain and crumminess. I can’t because that’s practicing medicine.


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