Felt bad, getting better

In my last post I wasn’t feeling too well.  Sometimes I think it’s just all in my head.  Not this time.  Well, part of it is.

I have a sinus infection.  But that’s not why I ended up going to the doctor yesterday.

Have you ever heard of serum sickness?  Me either.  It’s similar to an allergic reaction to a vaccine.  Yep, the pneumonia vaccine made me sick.  Very sick.  Go figure.  This is supposed to keep me well and it makes me sick.

The medications for both the sinus infection and the serum sickness have started to kick in and I feel better today.  Not great, but better.

I was still able to knit.  I’m making the Tangerine Twist cardigan by Susan Todhunter.  Isn’t that little wave pattern cute?

Peony Twist

From the comments on Ravelry the waist shaping wasn’t quiet right.  Looking at the schematic, it doesn’t make sense so I’m making my own adjustments as I knit.  With my head full of yucky stuff and my body aching my math was a bit off.  I may have definitely started the waist shaping too soon.  Like three inches too soon.  So I will frog back 10 rows (oh, that hurts) and redo the shaping.

Peony Cardi

I’ll still be 18 rows to the good.  And it’s better to do that now than after the sweater is done and doesn’t fit the way I envision.  Right?

5 thoughts on “Felt bad, getting better

  1. I had a pneumonia shot last year and I still got pneumonia this year. The doctor just said that there are a lot of different pneumonias. What good are shots. Glad you are feeling better. Hope this sweater turns out O.K. The stitch is crazy. I like it.


  2. Gosh I hope you’ll be able to answer my question. I’m in love with Tangerine Twist, bought the yarn and came to a crashing halt. (Swatching isn’t going well, but that doesn’t matter.) You cast on on #4 needles? Then to #6? Does that really bring in the waist? I can’t imagine how, but I’m looking for feedback. Anything you can add will be appreciated!


    • No, I didn’t cast on with the #4 needles. The waist shaping didn’t make sense to me at all so I started with size 7 for 2.5 inches, size 6 for 1.5 inches, size 4 for 1.5 inches, back to size 6 for 1.5 inches and finished with the size 7. I like the way this fits and I didn’t have to decrease or increase in the pattern to get the waist shaping.

      Hopefully that will help you.

      I still love the sweater but not the yarn I chose. It’s not holding up well. I also had to sew ribbon behind the buttons and will need to do the same with the button band to keep the buttons from popping open.



    • Patti: Your changes make perfect sense! I’m looking at starting with size 9s to make gauge. Thank you for the comment!


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