He just doesn’t understand


Mr. Aitch had a doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon and I had to get a shot so we went together.  I knew I’d be waiting there for a while so I took my knitting.  Then I told Mr. Aitch that I saw a major error in the first 10 rows of the sweater I was working on and had to rip it all out.  All 10 rows of 182 stitches.  1820 stitches.  He said that I should take a break from knitting.  That it was too stressful if I have to rip out all those stitches and start over again.   And what was I going to do with the last sweater that didn’t fit?

I just smiled and told him that I needed to start this sweater over.  I was ok with that.   There was no grinding and gnashing of teeth.  I was calm.  The Papaya Cardi is going to be reknit when I find the right pattern.  And I’m ok with that, too.

He just doesn’t understand.

3 thoughts on “He just doesn’t understand

  1. I’m with Leah. When you know you make a mistake, you need to correct it or it will bother you forever. I found an error on one side of a sweater I made – didn’t discover it until I was finished. That was O.K. Now I can’t find the error when I wear the sweater and no on can find it either.


  2. Isn’t it great? I am the same way now, and once upon a time I would have been so impatient and irritated about it. Now if I have to rip back or correct, I am amazed how it doesn’t bother me. Tells me I am more of a process knitter I think, which I love that I have that kind of patience.

    Going on the final section of the purse. I couldn’t find that light light green that you used for the stripes – more of an olive I think. So I had improvise with the colors. I am hoping that it looks ok. I’ll put up a picture later today!


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