Foggy brain

Happy Groundhog Day!  No matter what the groundhog sees or doesn’t see, we’re still having six more weeks of winter.

It’s foggy outside.  Very foggy.  I don’t know why some people drive 65 mph when they can’t see one car length in front of them.  About seven years ago there was a 100+ car pile-up close to where I now work because people drove 65 miles an hour in the fog when they couldn’t see one car length in front of them.

No knitting happened yesterday.  I did go to work late once the temperature rose above freezing and I could drive down the driveway and hill to the main road.  Sliding a half mile downhill in my car is not my idea of fun.

I am 3/4 of the way done with the special project that I wanted to have finished on Monday.  And I still have the left side and sleeve to seam on the papaya cardi.

Am I afraid to finish these?  I don’t know.  My brain is foggy.

3 thoughts on “Foggy brain

  1. You shouldn’t make limits on things you want to finish. When you are finished with that project, you have to use your brain and ability to begin another.

    Foggy up here. School was delayed two hours. Yesterday the schools were closed – a first for this year.


  2. I know where that was. I was there…not in the accident, but unable to get past it to get home. Garrisonville exit on I95 in Virginia. Right? It was the biggest pileup in history in the state. And only one person died, I think. Am I right?


  3. OH, and my magic loop knitting needles arrived today, a day late for the last knitter’s meeting, but I’m not going to cast on my first sock until tomorrow when I have my wits about me. I am very excited though. I feel this sock might actually happen. !!!


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