Crafting help

Icy driveway and roads have me at home today.  If it warms up, I may try to go to work.  Yeah, right.

My daughter-in-law, 5-year old grandson, one-year-old granddaughter are coming this weekend.  It’s cold and the ground is covered in crusty snow right now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be much better for the weekend.

I need some crafty help.  Do you have some suggestions as to what we can do craft-wise to entertain them?

This is one of the main reasons I want to have my own craft room instead of using the kitchen and stopping everything to fix a meal.

I thought about making Valentines.  Maybe Bishop needs some for his pre-K classes.  (Yes, his name is Bishop.  I love it.)  Anyway I can make stencils that he can use with cotton ball dauber to make cards.

I also have those clear flat glass “rocks”. We can glue pictures to the bottom and make magnets.

I also saw a project from Martha with crayon shavings, waxed paper, and an iron.

Any other ideas?

4 thoughts on “Crafting help

  1. He’ll like the crayon project if he likes to destroy. The girls had fun grating the crayons. They clogged up my el cheapo pencil sharpener so I used my grater.

    Today we’re drawing our shadows. Paper taped to the wall, flashlight, and trace the kid. Let them color themselves in.That should keep them occupied for a little while if I can keep them still long enough to trace their silhouette.


  2. I don’t remember what or how I entertained you and your sister when you were over at my house. But your ideas are great.
    Maybe they just want to be at your house and see the different things you have.

    Good luck.


  3. How long can he sit and do something? Scan the internet for his age group….you most likely have to sit there and do things with him…they don’t like to do it alone. Another reason why I don’t/didn’t have kids. And I was going to be a teacher???? I think NOT!


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