Pattern copies

Before I start to knit a pattern, I copy it.  I don’t like to carry around a book or magazine.  I keep track of my row and/or stitch count on sticky notes.

How do you deal with your patterns?

Do you make a copy of it or do you knit right from the book or magazine? Do you keep your notes with the pattern when you’re finished?  Or do you only knit something once?

4 thoughts on “Pattern copies

  1. Mine are usually printed from the internet. I save it to my hard drive and then print out a copy. I can write on it, keeping track of row count or making notes directly on the paper. If I need a clean copy, I print a new one. I have a huge pile of patterns (books, paper, fliers, etc.) that I would like to organize in a binder.


  2. The same as Leah.

    If it’s a pattern I downloaded, I’ll print out a copy and mark it up as needed. If it’s from a book, I make a photocopy and mark up the photocopy. Very rarely do I knit directly from one of my knitting books.

    As far as keeping pattern copies with notes I’ve made, yes, I do keep these sometimes. For instance, if I make myself another February Lady Sweater, I have the copy I worked off of with all my notes and, therefore, I don’t have to do all the maths all over again. 🙂


  3. I only knit simple scarves so I know the pattern by heart…hee hee.That is as much as I can handle. I have enough papers laying around…which brings me back to cleaning out my house for the new year! I am a procrastinator!


  4. I knit directly from the book and I’ve found errors in the book. I also keep a paper nearby and mark the rows. My projects are small – not huge ones.


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