Monkeys and WIPs

The stats helper monkeys at said I had about 2,600 visitors in 2010 or as the monkeys put it about 6 full 747s of people.   I’ve only been blogging for about seven months, so I’ll take that as a positive.

Yesterday I took care of all but one work-in-progress aka WIP I had suffocating in plastic zipper bags.  I took the needles out and either ripped them apart or will rip them apart.  The yarn will be repurposed.

The one WIP is one mitten still needing a thumb and partner.   I started these mittens in 2009 for a friend.  Fortunately she didn’t know about the surprise since I never finished them.  Th yarn was on sale, naturally, but the orange had too much of the green in it to contrast the pattern I made up.

What was I thinking?

2 thoughts on “Monkeys and WIPs

  1. Jude’s reply sounds good. How can you leave these unfinished projects. Either throw them out when one mitt is finished or do\\knit it immediatelyl


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