Happy dance

Have you ever had one of those days where one teeny, tiny, insignificant, little thing just sets you off and all sorts of nastiness leaks out?  No?  Trust me, it’s not pretty.  That was me yesterday.

The details aren’t important but it set the tone for the day.  I stopped in a store after work to buy some floss for the felt ornaments I want to make and I overheard someone ask if there was something wrong with the water as everyone was in a crabby mood.   So it wasn’t just me.

The day ended up much better than it started.  I finished (except for weaving in the ends) Ms Ida Chain Link Mittens.  Happy Dancing ensued!! 


Sorry, no pictures of Ms Ida until they are safely on or in the recipient’s hands.

5 thoughts on “Happy dance

  1. It must be the season.

    I went to the post office yesterday to mail off a package for someone that I was granting a wish for in the Radom Acts of Kindness group on Ravelry. The people who were behind me in line were huffing and puffing and making all sort of nasty comments. Bah Humbug to them!


  2. Working in the retail field…..with the public….I always try to be nice as I know how ignorant and petty SOME people have been to me. I’m not saying it’s easy but when someone is so rude I still smile and thank them….hopefully it will sink in someday that they should NOT be proud of what they said or did, maybe even embarrassed????


  3. Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog earlier! I hope your life change goes well, too. I had a crabby day, too. After counting 1,371 skeins of Plymouth Encore at the store today, I learned that I only needed to count the total skeins, not the skeins by color. Then 12 bags of the yarn fell on my head from 8′ up. It was tempting to take the scissors out and go to town.


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