More travel knitting

Mr. Aitch and I are leaving tomorrow morning for Tennessee.  One of his former students teaches at Eastern Tennessee State University and is hosting a regional band festival this weekend.  Mr. Aitch is one of the guest conductors.  I’ll be hanging out with Mrs. Professor on Friday while they are rehearsing so I’ll see if she knows of any yarn shops in the area.

It’s about a seven to eight-hour drive one way so I wanted to take some knitting to work on while riding shotgun.  I can be prone to some motion sickness so I can’t work on anything too complicated.

Swiffer covers (my daughter-in-law saw mine and would like a few), soakers that I started when I went to Philadelphia and haven’t touched since, and seamless slippers are relatively mindless.

I’d like to start on the Musica mitts/cigar gloves for Mr. Aitch but that yarn is “in transit” and back in Capital Heights, Maryland.

Ms Ida is still in a time-out.

1 thought on “More travel knitting

  1. Never a dull moment in your life. Have a nine weekend l. I also get motion sickness as you know, I can do nothing while riding as you know – not even knitting..

    Have a great weekend..



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