Is knitting hazardous to your health?

Back to Monday… 

We were home from Pittsburgh for about an hour or so and I started to feel a tingling sensation in my left hand, wrist, arm, shoulder and neck.  I had a tingling in my wrist a couple of weeks ago but this wasn’t going away.  Since I was already at the computer, I checked out those symptoms on-line (possible stroke or heart attack) and decided to go to the hospital.  After numerous tests (and I mean numerous), they ruled out a stroke and heart issues.  I most likely have a pinched nerve.  Could be serious but not life-threatening. 

Did I feel a bit like a hypochondriac or stupid by going to the hospital for a little tingling?  After it was all over, yes.  But given my family history and my recent bout with a blood clot in my leg, I thought it best to get checked out.  I wasn’t 100% sure I was alright and I wasn’t willing to risk my life by staying at home. 

Seriously: If you think you are having a medical emergency, get help.  It’s better to feel stupid after it’s over than to suffer permanent damage or even worse, be dead. 

I had a bad reaction to the adhesive pads they used for the heart monitor and I have itchy red welts to prove it!  I’ve never had a reaction to something like that before but I’ve never had those pads attached to my body for that length of time either. 

Lightbulb moment: Can my knitting be the cause of this pinched nerve? 

I did start these at the hospital. 

Knit Picks Ms Ida Chain Link Mittens


 And I forgot to mention that yesterday was International Beer Day

The Lace Hem Top is still a WIP.  After I figured out the short row shaping and bound off the shoulders, I was not happy.  I ripped out the last six rows and will attempt (for the last time, I hope) to get it right.  I am a perfectionist and I want this to be as perfect as I can make it.  Mr. Aitch will be out this evening so I can devote my entire attention to finishing this project.

One thought on “Is knitting hazardous to your health?

  1. Love the mittens. Yes, you are so right it’s much better to be an alive idiot!

    I have a similar reaction to a particular plaster. In fact I still have a mark from where this type of plaster was used during my stem cell transplant in May! I found out then that you can take an antihistimine to alleviate the itching if needed. You wouldn’t think a bit of plaster could be so mischievous.


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