I’ve read so many posts lately about seaming that I had to jump on the topic as well.   

I HATE seaming!  In fact I will avoid some patterns if they require a lot of seaming.  Sometimes I can adapt a pattern to eliminate the seams but not always.  I prefer raglan sleeve patterns over anything with a set-in sleeve. 

Since I’ve spent so much time making the “fabric” for an item, I want it as close to being finished as soon as the last stitch is bound off the needles. Granted some patterns are just to big and bulky to knit without seams but a baby sweater shouldn’t have a gazillion seams.  Is it just me or do you feel the same way? 

Just my rant for the day.  What’s your opinion about sewing seams? 

Lace hem Topping from Creative Knitting July 2008 issue


I finished the back of the Lace Hem Topping last night and already cast on and knit the first few rows of the front.  Yes, this will have seams but only the sides and shoulders.  I can handle that. 

I hope I can work on this over the weekend but I have neglected my decluttering goal for a few weekends and I really must do at least one drawer, cabinet, room or closet each day.  Period.  

Pictures of my progress will be posted…as soon as I have some progress.   

Thanks for reading.  =)

1 thought on “Seaming

  1. I have to admit sewing up is not my favorite thing. I like mattress stitch for the side/sleeve seams and change the shoulders according to style. My favourite is to knit the seams together and cast off but this isn’t always possible with a sloped seam. Bulky seams on baby things aren’t a winner.


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