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I have a small showing of finished objects on the “Finished Objects” page to the right.  Unfortunately I don’t have photos of all my knitting.  Usually I  gave it away before I realized I should have a picture of it.  

The very first sweater I made was for my daughter (when she was two) from left over yarn my grandmother used for a sweater for my brother!  I do have a photo of her wearing it and I may have to find it so I can post it here.  I didn’t have a pattern but since I was a fearless knitter (aka naive) I used some vintage pattern books also from my grandmother’s stash as a guide.  

The baby sweaters I have been making for the past several years are based on the Lutzing Sweater by Nancy Lutzling.   My favorite thing about this pattern is there are no seams to sew other than grafting four stitches under the arms and sewing on the buttons.  

This is pattern a great jumping off point for some of the other Raglan sleeve sweaters I make such as the eyelet sweaters I just completed.  

So these are just a few of the finished objects that I actually have photos of.  

Newborn size sweaters October 2008

UNOH Sweater October 2008

 Sorry this picture isn’t that great.  I took it at night and the flash wsn’t working.  I mailed it the next day and was lucky to remember to get the photo when I did.   Knitted for my best friend’s daughter’s baby.  Daughter works at UNOH = University of Nothern Ohio. 

WVU Sweater front March 2009

WVU Sweater back March 2009

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