Declutter and knitting

Having Mondays off is nice.  Much nicer than Fridays.  Anyway to take advantage of this extra day I have each week until Labor Day, I plan to do a declutter project that “should” take less than 15 minutes to complete.  The time limit doesn’t work for me.  The typical 15-minute job takes me all day.

Today’s target was the top of my dresser.  I could have written the entire Old Testament in the amount of dust!  Three hours later it is clean, clutter-free, and dustless.  I need to clean out the top drawer and find some jewelry storage containers so I can better sort what I have.  The current jewelry box has drawers with no compartments.  My earrings and pins co-mingle and create a hot mess.

I want a quick, easy, and cool knitting project for the summer.  I need to knit two baby sweaters but having just finished two sweaters, I really don’t want to do another one right now.  Not into hats or scarves or anything that requires me to make two.  Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Declutter and knitting

  1. I, personally, felt as though I made a big accomplishment today by sorting my coupons in my coupon holder and labeling the different sections. Baby steps…


    • That is indeed a big accomplishment! Organizing my house is overwhelming so I do have to take baby steps. Organizing my office and storage area at work is so much easier. Of course I don’t have that personal attachment to the things I have at work.


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