Cover charge

Mr. Aitch received an e-tablet for Christmas and asked me to knit AND felt a cover for him.  Mr. Aitch doesn’t usually request knit items.

He wants it NOW.

I told him that it would probably take me a couple of weeks to get it finished.   Then I realized I didn’t have a pattern nor colorwork plan.  He doesn’t want anything fancy: solid gold with the flying WV logo on one side and solid blue with the gold flying WV logo on the other.


Talk about a boring knit!  I will try to do some two-color stitches between the color changes.  He said he doesn’t like stripes so maybe a checkerboard motif…

I cast on what I “think” will be enough stitches from my felted swatch hoping it will be close enough.  I’m just not sure how to approach the distortion factor with the logo.  I might hand stitch or try needle felting the logo on after it’s felted.  Can I needle felt with the yarn or do I need unspun fleece?