Cover charge

Mr. Aitch received an e-tablet for Christmas and asked me to knit AND felt a cover for him.  Mr. Aitch doesn’t usually request knit items.

He wants it NOW.

I told him that it would probably take me a couple of weeks to get it finished.   Then I realized I didn’t have a pattern nor colorwork plan.  He doesn’t want anything fancy: solid gold with the flying WV logo on one side and solid blue with the gold flying WV logo on the other.


Talk about a boring knit!  I will try to do some two-color stitches between the color changes.  He said he doesn’t like stripes so maybe a checkerboard motif…

I cast on what I “think” will be enough stitches from my felted swatch hoping it will be close enough.  I’m just not sure how to approach the distortion factor with the logo.  I might hand stitch or try needle felting the logo on after it’s felted.  Can I needle felt with the yarn or do I need unspun fleece?

8 thoughts on “Cover charge

  1. You may want to look up which yarns can possibly scratch, over time, the glass screen. I got a tablet for christmas, too, but went with the leather cover that stands up. It’s quite a bit heavier than my kindle and the propping case makes it easier for me to use sometimes.


  2. I’m with Cubbyholes on this. Those screens are scratchable, and you can buy covers for just the screen (three for 99 cents) that cling on, and also use the leather covers. I got mine at Restoration Hardware and after giving my husband an IPad2 for Christmas (now we’re both IPad-crazed) I ordered him one as well. It just arrived. The IPad2 cover is thinner, as is the IPad2, and I like it better, but there’s no way I’m buying another one. He loves his. I love mine (though it’s heavier). And your husband will love his e-reader. I think they’re great. I love having my book just standing up while I eat and read in the morning. I am a Kindle girl through and through. Patsye


  3. The microfiber is a good idea. On my nook it said to use the material they make eyeglass cleaning cloths from. Just don’t use felt. I found out that felt is made with tiny pieces of glass.. like a fiberglass, so it scratches over time. I had no idea. Don’t forget to post how it comes out. I want to see it! 🙂

    Patsye, the hubby got a smart phone for christmas and today in the drs office we were both sitting there playing Angry Birds, him on his phone, me on my nook. LOL


  4. You are all so nice with your comments. Thank you so much for your concern about protecting Mr. Aitch’s tablet screen. I do plan on lining it with a microfiber fabric to make a softer and smoother cover. I’ll be posting pictures of the progress.


  5. Hi Patti,
    Did you make a knitting chart for the WVU logo…I want to knit a 12″ square for an afghan and need a chart, or written instructions. Can you help. Would be happy to pay for it.


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