Post felting

I did it!  And I’m happy with the results.

The finished measurements are 10 1/2 inches tall and 13 1/4 inches wide.  It’s shown here stuffed with 2 bath towels and a hand towel.  The pile of fluff is what I had to shave off as it was a bit fuzzy.

I bought some leather straps but I don’t think they are quite right for this bag  so I’ve decided to knit some I-cord around a clothesline  as straps for strength and durability.  I’ll sew them on after they are felted.

The final decision I need to make is with the fabric for the lining.  Most of my bags have a dark interior and I feel like I’m looking into a black hole to find what I need.  I prefer a brighter lining.

I’d rather use a piece of fabric I already have rather than buy something new.

Option 1 is a scrap of cotton (less than 1/2 yard) from my mother-in-law’s stash.  There might be enough for pockets which I find are a necessity.  Of course the pocket could be made from another fabric or I could make a zippered pocket with a different lining as well.

Option 2 is a bright lime green silky-satiny fabric that matches the green squiggle on the front.  I have a yard which is more than enough for the lining and many pockets.

Do you have an opinion on the lining? 

I still have to knit the straps so I have at least a day to decide.