Perfection, purses and a birthday wish

During lunch today, I was telling someone (non-knitter) who works in our building about my sweater issue and the missing yarn over.  She asked if it was noticable and would I really have to rip it out.   The perfectionist in me thinks it would be noticable so I have decided to try to fix it before I resort to ripping out the last ten rows.

The little person I am knitting this for might be visiting us this weekend and I’d love to have enough of it done to see how it looks and fits.

I could work on this during my lunch hour however, the big skein of yarn doesn’t pack up real good to fit in the saddlebag on my motorcycle.  I could find a smaller purse for when I ride instead of this monstrosity I currently use.

How do you transprort your knitting?

Now where is that darn camera?  And why isn’t the battery charged?

Today is my Dad’s birthday.  I miss him.