Off balance

My tag line says “Finding the right balance between life and clutter.”  I’m off balance.

We observed Columbus Day yesterday so I was home.  (Thanks, Chris.)  I so desperately wanted to post at least one tutorial, clean off the kitchen island, organize my current knitting corner.  I failed at all attempts.  I did wash my car and motorcycle.

My Garter Stitch bag is complete except for the straps (I-cord takes me a long time to do) and the lining.  I’m still debating on the fabric.  I tried to make a tutorial on lining this bag and spent far too much time failing redeveloping my idea.  I’m about halfway done on the first one.

I also worked on the travel case for electronic chargers tutorial that I promised months ago.  The text is written but inserting the photos is challenging.  Plus I still need someone to test it for me. 

Nothing was working out.

I’m off balance.

It’s that time of year when I start to feel overwhelmed with clutter.  I try to declutter but it never seems like I’m doing enough.  I’m constantly being pulled between what I want to do and what I should do.

I want to:

  • knit
  • sew
  • paint
  • make Christmas ornaments
  • redecorate
  • repaint the family room, kitchen, guest room #2, three bathrooms, the master bedroom
  • buy and install a closet organizer
  • get crown molding in the living and dining rooms
  • hire someone to make my craft room
  • display my mother’s dishes that are still in boxes from 2007

I need to do:

  • vacuum
  • laundry – it’s the putting away that drags me down
  • dust
  • iron Mr. Aitch’s shirts
  • cook
  • wash dishes – somethings just have to be washed by hand
  • find the right piece of furniture to display my mother’s dishes
  • organize my craft stuff: yarns, wood, paints, fabric, threads, paper, glue, beads

I don’t want to do but have to do:

  • file papers – seriously I have 4 file boxes of papers that need filed
  • clean out the closets – will I ever get back into those size X suits?  Will they still be in style?
  • clean out the pantry
  • clean out the basement – full of stuff I “might” need
  • Get. Rid. Of. Stuff. Tied. To. Emotions.

That list is what gets me overwhelmed.  I was reading Laurie Perry’s (Crazy Aunt Purl) post from last week and can really relate to her decluttering mind-set. Defcon 1, 2, 3.

I am a crafter and I keep things that I can use.  Is it ok to keep these things as long as I organize them?  A place for everything and everything in its place?

Can I tackle/declutter one drawer, shelf, flat surface, box, or pile and do it for 15 minutes a day?  Can I commit to this every day?