My sister and I helped our mother clean on Saturdays. That included dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping and scrubbing the kitchen floor. There might have been more but I just don’t remember. And we might not have done those things each week. Again, I just don’t remember.

I do remember that our mother had a system on whether to dust first or vacuum first. But which?

Dusting first would cause any dust to fall to the floor and then be vacuumed.

Or did vacuuming first cause more dust to settle on the furniture so dusting was done after?

Or does it matter as long as both get done?

Or is the real question: what is this chore called “dusting” and why should I care?

I dust and vacuum (occasionally…don’t judge) but not always on the same day. However, we are having people come for a few days and I really need to clean!

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  1. I have a Golden Retriever. We consider dog fur a condiment. (I said that to my sister once. She will never eat at my house.) I dust when, as my mother would say, you can write “slut” in the dust. (I don’t think we’re allowed to say “slut” anymore though) Cleaning was not something my mother excelled at. We’ll leave that at that.

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    • The top of our entertainment center was so dusty that I could have written the US Constitution in it! But no one would be able to read it unless they were seven feet tall. I’ll be tackling the top of the refrigerator today. Cleaning is one thing but decluttering is another thing. I’m guilty of neglecting the clutter more. Mr. Aitch bought a new vacuum many years ago when we thought my favorite one bit the dust. (Ha, ha). Anyway, I HATED the new 489-pound upright vacuum so I figured out how to fix the canister vacuum (only a new $100 part) so he uses the new one and I use the old one. His and hers. He vacuumed yesterday and will be doing so again today. 😉

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      • We have a very large console TV in the family room that hasn’t worked in about 3 years. Well, it’s pretty! 😂. Bear wanted to get one of those 10 ton carpet cleaners – I told him he would be the one using it and that ended that conversation!

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