Quilted cover

Sewing is one of my more regular craft-type pursuits.  Quilting is a more recent one and I’m willing to experiment with my sewing machine.  Specifically the quilting, free-motion, or darning foot.

Without getting too technical when using this particular foot, the feed dogs are lowered and the pressure on the foot is set to light.  This allows the sew-er to gently maneuver the fabric in any direction while sewing, not just in a straight line.

I wanted to experiment with free-motion quilting and our heating pad needed a new cover.  No one would ever see this so what better way to learn than to practice!

I layered a piece of 100% cotton batting between two pieces of cotton fabric and pinned this all together before taking it to my sewing machine.  The total size was 12 inches by 27 inches. I began stitching in the center and made my way out toward the edges.

My stitches aren’t even as I moved the fabric around.  Going slowly gave me better control of stitch length.  You can see some longer stitches and very short stitches as I tried to make this star.

I drew a leaf with pink chalk and tried to go over the lines here.

More leaves and a heart.

Can you see the hidden messages below?


All quilted.

I added binding around the entire piece (don’t look at the horrible corners!) then folded it in half to make a padded envelope for our heating pad. I also made a new flannel cover to conceal it all and make it removable for washing.

I do need lots more practice using this foot on my sewing machine before I tackle a regular-sized quilt. It was fun and I learned a few things.

Do you sew and have you tried using all of the feet that came with your machine?Patti

10 thoughts on “Quilted cover

  1. I just unearthed my sewing machine while cleaning the basement. It is a basic Singer from the 50s or 60s I think. It only does straight and zig zag. It is amazing what I accomplished on that machine though. Yikes!

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  2. This is so cool that you posted this, I actually bought a darning foot for my machine a couple of months ago and a book on how to machine quilt. I’ve gone through the first three lessons, which are done with a walking foot (that term always makes me giggle) and next up is free style with the darning foot. I’ve hand quilted for years so this will be interesting to learn! I bought a 1/4 inch foot at the same time and where has that been all my life? My darling hubby bought me a new machine back in May, it has a boatload of built in stitches so I’ve played with a lot of them, and a few of the feet that came with it.

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