Dirty needles

No, I’m not talking about hypodermic needles.


Dirty knitting needles.


These were from iPad Aunt’s house and since I’m the most avid knitter in the heirs, I brought them home with me.  They felt a little sticky so I soaked them in some soapy water, dried them off and wiped them down with alcohol.  Rubbing alcohol.


There is still a bit of rust near the ends of most of the needles and I’m not sure what to do about that.


Dip the rusted part in clear nail polish?  Ignore it?  Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Dirty needles

  1. WD-40 for the rust. Then you can soak it in Dawn (a de-greaser) to get rid of the WD-40.

    I also noticed the Playtex girdle container. Perhaps a good little tube for holding double-point needles? (recall I’m a crocheter, so I don’t know what those needles are called that you use making round things.)


    • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try some WD-40 in the bottom of a jar so I can soak the needle ends.

      The girdle tube was the perfect thing to store knitting needles since it was long enough and kept them corralled easily. Most double-point needles (you had the correct term!!) aren’t that long – maybe 4-6 inches so that particular tube would be overkill.


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