WIP Wednesday – Late edition

My Garter Stitch Bag class was this afternoon and I have one picture of my progress. 

Those white scraps are my numbering system for the squares.  I had to keep track of where I was and this seemed like the easiest way for me to do that.  As you can see, I started over and lost almost all the green.  I can still remove that little worm of green before I felt this.  I’m still thinking about that.

15 squares finished, 7 more to go.

In case you forgot here is my first attempt.

I still have it intact and may go forward with it at a later date.  Or I might frog it and reuse the yarn for something else.

I knit a square earlier this evening so I could practice felting it and to see how much it would shrink.  I’m thinking this bag might be smaller than I would like and the instructor said I could add some squares before felting if I to make it larger.

Next week is our final class and I will be out of townpart of the day.  If I hurry out of the meeting, I should be able to make it to class a little bit late.

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