I happened upon the most awesome (and I do mean awesome) rainbow I have ever seen in all my life while on my way home from work today.  Some of you may give science the credit but I give all credit to God for this extraordinary sight.  My photos do not give the full impact of its beauty.  I was driving at the time and yes, these photos were taken as I was driving. 

I have never seen ALL the colors of the rainbow in my life until today.  Unfortunately, you these photos don’t capture all those colors.

But all the colors were there.

Even colors beyond the “normal” spectrum.  I saw reds beyond the red.

And violets beyond the violet.

How I made it home without an accident was also to God’s credit.

  I could see this beautiful arc for at least 10 miles.

I did see both sides of this massive rainbow but could not capture its breadth on my phone camera.

Oh, how I wish you would have been there to witness this… 

Truly awesome.

3 thoughts on “Awesome

  1. Rainbows are always wonderful sights to behold. I am glad you appreciated it and shared. I am even more glad you appreciate the Creator of it… Lovely post. 🙂


  2. I know the science behind them, but some of these absolutely transcend the explanations. We have so many of them in Florida because of mini-showers, and I’ve seen several double rainbows. What is really fun is when the golf course sprinklers come on and the jets can go as high at 40-50 feet, crossing one another, and depending upon the time of day causing rainbows.

    Your photos are beautiful. And your ride home looks fantastic. Definitely not the I95 road that I often travel. Patsye


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