Great trip

Mr. Aitch and I got home around 12:15 this afternoon.  It takes us awhile to get back into the groove of things but I wanted to tell you about the fair my brother and I went to on Saturday.  There’s still time for you to go…if you’re in the area.

My brother and I went to the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Fair which is held annually in Mt. Sunapee Resort in Newbury, New Hampshire.  This is no typical “craft fair”.  The exhibitors are professionals.

One of the booths we visited was full of these fantastic felted hats made by Carrie Cahill Mulligan.  The details Carrie adds, like embroidering the brim and hand stitching satin ribbon on the inside, take this to the next level from knitter/felter to fiber artist.

Forgive my blurry photos from my phone but I had to have a reminder of these beautiful hats.  Carrie’s booth was so crowded that I could only get to the outside displays and these couple of hats really caught my eye.  These colors are as soft as the hats.

My brother is holding a credit card next to the knitted hat before felting as a point of reference to the size.

For more details, visit Carrie’s website.

I’ve been a bit scared to felt anything on purpose but these hats really inspire me to take the next step.

12 thoughts on “Great trip

  1. Thanks Patti! This was a great link, and those hats are gorgeous. I can imagine making one, but could never imagine selling it after I did. What a lot of work. Her embroidery is beautiful. I love New Hampshire, and those White Mountains. Sounds like a great trip.


  2. Well, color me tickled, and thanks for the shout, Patti! Glad you found my hats at the Sunapee Fair… of all the gorgeous things at Sunapee, I couldn’t be more pleased that you mentioned my hats. Thank you! And yes, do give felting a try… its very addicting, and surprising every time.

    (I *do* sell kits, by the way… )



    • Everything was so beautifully crafted at the Sunapee Fair. The quality was outstanding. I’m so glad our visit to NH coincided with the fair and my brother suggested going there.

      I’ve actually signed up for a felted handbag class that starts next week at my local yarn shop. I’ve heard others say that felting is addicting. Thank you for the inspiration!

      About those kits – I’m giving my husband a wish list for birthday/Christmas present suggestions and your kit is number 1.


    • It’s a truly remarkable crafts fair, and I never cease to feel humbled at my inclusion. Such talented peers!

      I wonder if I know your brother at all… You knitted him some Dartmouth hats, right? I work at the college gym… stop by sometime if you’re ever visiting Hanover! (And check out one of my D-hats: .)

      And seriously, give felting a whirl… so random & fun. It’s a great lesson in going with the flow!


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