Hostess gifts

Mr. Aitch and I rode the Harley to my brother’s in New Hampshire and I thought I’d post pictures of some of the gifts we are giving to our host and hostess.

These are a few of the Leafy Washcloths I knitted using these this pattern and this one.

I found these cute leaf-shaped soaps and thought they would be the perfect complement to the wash cloths.

My sister-in-law loved them!

6 thoughts on “Hostess gifts

  1. Knitted washcloths aren’t really that popular in the UK yet but you do see them occasionally. However I think if they were all leaf shaped they would really catch on – I particularly like the garter stitch ones. 😀


  2. Beautiful washcloths. Very cute soap. Perfect, as usual. Do you have one or two bikes? Florida is rife with Harleys. There’s some big motorcycle thing every year in Daytona – Bike Week – and that’s only about 60 miles from us, so we can almost hear it. How far are you from New Hampshire? For some reason I’ve always thought of you in West Virginia. Am I wrong? That would be quite a drive! … I mean ride!


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