Turning another leaf

I found another leaf washcloth pattern and finished it up this morning.  This one is knit from the tip to the stem.  I like how the ribs are raised and give it dimension.

I now have three leafy washcloth patterns I can knit.  I’d like to make my own pattern using elements of all three.

Yarn is Sugar & Cream color Sage.

Needles: Size 7 US though the pattern called for 4 or 5.  I just used what I had right in front of me.

This pattern had a few “Huh?” moments so I don’t think it is truly a beginner pattern.

It says to cast on two stitches after a few rows are knitted but no cast on method was suggested.  I used the cable cast on and it seemed to work out fine.  The directions also said to k2tog then bind off one stitch which sounded strange to me but I did just that and it turned out fine.

I’m really pleased with the end result.

Do you ever get hooked on a shape, color, technique, or designer?  I’m hooked on leaves right now.  And washcloths.

4 thoughts on “Turning another leaf

  1. I like that pattern the best even though I don’t remember the others that well. I also like the color. I think I am a beginger and maybe couldn’t knit that pattern,


  2. Ebby, You can knit anything! You have patterns in your head! Patti takes after you but she still needs a few patterns now and then. As for me, don’t knit. Sew. Have quilt patterns in my head or look at a book to figure it out. Make lots of mistakes but learn from each one. So it is all good. Just love what you do.


  3. I’ve come across those “huh?” patterns. Doug will laugh at me because I read and reread it out loud, trying to make it make sense. If I attempt to do the row before it makes complete sense, it doesn’t come out right.


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