Elizabeth Zimmerman – motorcycle mama

I understand that Elizabeth Zimmerman, knitter extraordinaire, was able to knit while riding on the back of her husband’s motorcycle.  Mr. Aitch and I will be riding to New Hampshire soon and as much as I’d like to be able to devote 11 hours to my knitting, I just don’t think I can knit on the back of the Harley.  He wouldn’t like it if I accidentally stabbed him in the back with a pointy stick.

This picture is from our trip to Newfoundland.  I like how I got the reflection of my hand in the mirror.

I like need to see where I’m going.  Plus I’ll be the navigator with a paper copy of our directions and a GPS app for my iPhone.

We’re taking the scenic route to avoid Interstate 95, the huge trucks and the 85 mph speedsters.  A good portion of the trip will not be on major highways.

Since I do the actual packing, I can sneak some knitting into our limited luggage space so I’ll have something to work on in the evenings.  Just have to figure out what that will be.

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Zimmerman – motorcycle mama

  1. I don’t think you could stab him through the leathers. I’d be worried about dropping a needle and having to tell him to turn around for it!


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