It’s Shi-day

So Happy It’s Thursday.    One more day until the weekend.

On my way to work I heard Y.M.C.A by the Village People. It’s a very popular song around here played at all kinds of social events particularly weddings.  I wanted to jump out of the car and dance.  Not a good idea while driving at 65 mph.

The sun is shining.  The grass is green.  The trees have that wonderful spring greeniness about them.

Last night I was busy doing other things but still managed to knit 3 rows on the final front ribbing on the Vine Vest.  Only 17 -22 more to go.  It all depends on how far the rest of the yarn will go.

Then I’ll have the button dilemma again.  I know the original vest doesn’t have buttons but I don’t like things that flop around so I want to have some type of closure along the front edge.   I’ll have more options on how to wear it.

4 thoughts on “It’s Shi-day

  1. OH GSH how the Village People make me happy.

    (in a nerdy kinda way)

    Now I must do download that song 🙂

    I hear ya on the button issue. I am wearing a light cardigan I made and never put buttons on and it BUGS ME.

    must fix that!

    can’t wait to see your vine vest. It looks pretty!


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